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Just to let you know you are too sentimental. Clearly these cars hold no value. And especially your car is really worth around 1000.00 for someone who really needs an engine. Plus we don't know if the timing belt has been serviced correctly or not. It's a big gamble to even invest even a thousand dollars on this car because if the engine is no good then you are stuck with a 1000.00 pile of metal. My brother tried to purchase the car from you for the engine you said no. I tried to purchase it from you and you asked too many un nessisary questions. Why would anyone try to restore a car like this to drive and spend all that money. And if you do i would suggest getting a pshyciatric check up. And why is the Alfa community glorifying this car and this thread. Why are you guys claiming you have caught a trophy fish wile the fish is still in the ocean. Alfa community needs help.

Wow thats outright rude. This is his car right? This is his for sale thread right? If he does not want the car parted out thats his choice and the majority of us here stand behind him. This is a a great Alfa community. Mental issues really? I have met Grant on more than one occasion he is far from mental. You sound like the mental one here mad because he don't want to sell you the car for parts having a fit like a child. So if you don't like what he thinks thats your business and should not be addressed on his for sale thread. With that said.....................BUMP TO THE TOP!
1 - 5 of 45 Posts
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