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In tank fuel pump pressure test

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to share some fuel pressure results from a new in-tank pump I installed last week. I purchased part number P06K from RockAuto. It was around 25$ shipped. After installing it, I'm seeing 6 PSI at the carbs (its a spica-converted 78' engine, with a 1985 rear end and tank/in-tank pump) being fed by the in-tank pump alone.

I haven't been able to measure flow-rate, but it is probably lower than the 30 gal/hr necessary for carb operation. I'll be testing this this weekend.
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I thought the Webers required only 3 to 5 PSI for normal operation.
They do... I bought a spider that had been sitting for a good chunk of time and after cleaning and relining the inside of the fuel tank I replaced the in-tank pump that I had found to be inoperative.

I will soon be replacing the current low-pressure facet pump (its probably 20 years old, and its super erratic) with a new carter low pressure pump.

I hope to then put a fuel pressure regulator before the carbs bringing the total pressure down to 3.5 PSI.

I just wanted to inform people what the in-tank pump outputted in PSI in case they were interested =).
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