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Hello and thanks for an excellent source of inspiration! I recently started looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack in the form of a custom white Sprint that my father bought new from the Melbourne Motor Show around 1985-6. His name was Ian Bennett and I'm pretty sure he got it direct from the show (long time ago, might not be accurate. Possibly just a Geelong dealer purchase). It was all white including the wheels and had from memory an all black custom interior with cloverleaf inserts in the trim. It was a 1.5 Cloverleaf engine which he described as doing not much 'til 4 grand then knocking you back in your seat. I was lucky enough to learn to drive in this car (illegally as I was only 14 or 15) in the back roads of Lara, Victoria, and the memories of how excellently it handled are superb. I know its a long shot but this seems to be a great place to start sewing the seeds.
Thanks for reading.
Don Bennett.
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