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Im back!

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Back in the alfa game after a couple of years.
I bought a white 1985 gtv6 in san fran last week. I still have my e36 m3 vert, but I think its getting listed soon.

The car is very nice. It seems very well taken care of, but needs a few things like tires and rear brakes. It has been driven about 7,000 miles since 2001, when it got a new clutch and a major service. Currently it has 140k miles.

Overall, I am really happy to own a gtv6 since I've always thought the design is outstanding.

I plan to leave it stock. If I want a "fast" car, i still have the m3 for a little while. However, it is getting new dunlop star specs installed today.

And some pics of the M3, in case you forgot what fast looks like... jk...

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Can anybody tell me what color code this white is?
Is that the one that was for sale for a while for $3800? I was very tempted many times by tht car...original owner too...
Different car Brian...Hope everything is going well.
some more pictures,
got star specs mounted today!

Any suggestions?

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Suggestions? Ronal A1s. :)
In all honesty ronal A1s make me yawn. If I were to pursue aftermarket wheels, I would have to settle on a set of Zender Milanos. However, that is some serious cash, if you can even find a set nowadays?
Ehh...Milanos are ok. A little too flashy for my tastes...too many bolts and polished bits. But yeah, I agree--those would be fine.

They show up now and again. I still think the 15" A1 is the quinessential Alfetta GT/GTV6 wheel.

I love the white GTV6. I'd love to see one in person someday.....
I wasnt too stoked on white at first, but it is growing on me...
Is white a rarer color for the gtv6? Out of curiousity, how can i find out the color code?
located on the underside of the rear hatch on the passanger side.
thank you!
AR015 is the code. My 85 is white too.

Favorite wheels would be the 3 piece OZ from the ES30 (16"). followed by the 15" Milano version of the same wheel (this is what I run). A1s are nice too, though some seem to be "shallow"

The newer GTA wheels look good, but have not seen them in person.
Ronal A1's

Which ones are the Ronal A1's? Are these they?


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Yes, those are Ronal A1s. The 15x7 version in 4x98 lug for 4 cylinder cars.
Nice car InHistoryClass!!!!! If you want to add a little color to the wheels try the 48mm wheel emblem inserts. I bought some from Giorgio Kradjian aka "karantina" on Ebay for $59 with free shipping to dress up the wheels on my Milano and I think they look pretty good. The pic shows a little rain on the car but you get the idea....


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Here is Bianco Capadimonte with Ronal A-1's.


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very nice!
might end up with a set of stillautos
My 86 has these "wine bottle" Speedlines I think. They are my favorite Alfa GTV6 wheels, are perfect with the car. The color inserts look great, I'm going to do that this year. I had a connection with some metal finishing shops in Cleveland a few years ago, this was a fine polishing shop - missed the chance to have the "spokes" polished, thought that would look real nice.

. . . I had a connection with some metal finishing shops in Cleveland a few years ago, this was a fine polishing shop - . . .
Care to recommend one or more?
very nice!
might end up with a set of stillautos
Compomotive MO's are my favorite GTV6 wheel. This is my GTV6:

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