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For those few of you that are following my problem with bouncing metal pieces in cylinder #1
(HELP: Valve problems, Looking for ideas)
I have the engine up and running. But I had a really strange thing happen. While I was putting a tune on the new dizzy
I had it running pretty good when I needed to shut off the engine to check something. When I turned the key off
the engine kept running. I pulled the output (center) wire on the coil to stop it. After a short while latter (the next day) I went back to tuning the engine at that point the ignition key worked fine. Now today I'm back to having power to the coil and fuel pump anytime I hook the battery up using a quick disconnect.
So thinking that the ignition switch is blown I remove the cover around the steering column and take a picture of the wire setup. As shown below.
The third one I borrowed from a site member a long time ago in a discussion about adding relays etc.
Any idea as to what is going on here? I didn't want to move some wires around
until I checked with you guys. Thanks
Text Diagram Plan Design Line
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