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i have done paintless dent removal before on my saab when i lived in atlanta with a guy i trusted and the time came for me to remove a few dings from my 92 alfa romeo spider veloce in manhattan.

not knowing who to see, i did extensive research to find the most qualified individual to work on my car as i dont trust my alfa with anyone.

reviewing websites and reviews i decided on nyc dentwerks.

i spoke extensively with the owner - larry - on the phone saturday morning and felt comfortable with his knowledge. not all PDR technicians are created equal but larry seemed to know his stuff.

i spoke to him at 10am and he said he could accommodate me that day.

within 2 hours i was at his shop in brooklyn (they also do mobile service).

very convenient to manhattan, he had a nice, clean shop.

i had an eye sore of a ding from my parking garage and a few others that i just wanted to get rid of.

in less then 2 hours - my car was dent / ding free!


not only was larry extremely professional and excellent with his work, he and his staff (ephraim) were great guys just to hang out with in the garage.

if you are as particular with your alfa as i am and have a few dings that you need removed in the NYC area - i would highly recommend larry and his staff.
I'm looking for the same. Could you tell us what he charges?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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