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idle speed too high @ 2k rpm

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I have been trying to figure it out how to adj idle speed.
its 1975 spider 2.0 engine anyone know how to adj timing too? thanks
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if spica injected, thereis an idle adjust on the thing that looks like a spider on top of the intake manofold. thed one with four vacuum hoses connected and one larger one that goes to the oil vapro seperator. they have an o ring in them that sometimes goes bad and will not allow the idle to adjust.
if carbs, there is an idle stop between the carbs, there is also a carb ballance there too, a little more headache to adjust if you get on it.
Thanks i ll have them check it out. do i have to take them apart to get the o ring?
I'm not too sure how it comes apart, there should be some info on the board. Mine was still there, but carbs had been mounted. my sons 69 spider has a totally different idle adjust built onto the airbox.
Sorry, I have been searching for the o ring replacement, but my search is not working.
I took them out and have them cleaned and put them back together and found the plm. it was the carb. a bit sticky. so im gonna take them aprt and have them cleaned and see what happend
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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