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I think it's time to sell my 85 GTV6.
After the wife jumped the gun and bought this for me last fall, the plans to build a garage have fallen through. I don't have anywhere to park it or work on it.
I have it on a local classifieds and am considering selling internationally if there is demand.
The starting issue has gotten worse over the winter with the vehicle failing to start completely as of last wednesday. I'm convinced that the problem is with the fuel in the vehicle. Too much moisture and bad fuel combo. I believe moisture collected in the fuel system when the filler hose was loose for some time. I think the idle and dying under throttle issue was caused by ice in the fuel lines clogging the filters. Now that it has been warmer I have added gas line antifreeze to absorb some some of the moisture a couple of days ago. I will also add as much good fuel today as the tank will hold as well as octane booster as old fuel usually lacks the octane for good starting.
Hopefully it will start.
Even if it does, I still have now way to work on the other little things that need sorting so it's better if she goes to good home.
I'll post later to give an update.
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