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Hi Everyone,

I'm fairly new to this forum and I like what I've read. I though I'd come here for some advice.

My 1980 Spider started to idle rough and stall, so I opened the hood and found the culprit - bad vacuum lines. To get to them, I needed to remove some air intake parts - unfortunately, I found them to be cracked, so now I have a problem. I tried the local auto parts stores and nobody sells the parts. I tried on line and also no luck.

What do you guys do when a rubber hose goes bad? It's been years since I've had something like this happen - can't get parts to fix my car. I've heard that Alfa parts are available, but I'm not having any luck.

Here are the parts I need.
1. Hose from the air cleaner to steel air pipe (see #3 in picture)
2. Rubber coupler from steel air pipe to throttle body. (see #2 in picture)
3. Rubber coupler from throttle body to intake manifold. (see #1 in picture)

I also have a bad coolant hose (the one that goes along the right side of the motor to the back). The hose rubs on the throttle linkage and has nearly worn through. Do I need to use a formed hose, or will a piece of heater hose work? (see #4 in picture)

I also found another coolant hose that goes from the firewall to the right side of the engine (near hose #4). I'm thinking this is for the heater core, since I have no heat in the car.

The brake booster hose is also bad. I noticed it's a braided hose. Can I use a silicone hose or a regular piece of vacuum tubing. Also, what ID do I need?

Also, what size vacuum hoses do I need (ID) and has anyone had luck using silicone hoses?

Can anyone help me find these parts or does anyone have a solution for me. I was thinking about using the old part for #1 and using silicone tape to seal it. I'm worried that the rubber will crack and pieces will be pulled into the intake valve. I was also thinking of using a rubber coupler (used for home plumbing) for #3, but I'm not sure if it'll be okay with oil/gas? I may be able to do the same with #2, but I'm not a huge fan of doing so.

Any advice is appreicated.

Thank you.



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Have you tried the UK suppliers?
They seem to have just about everything for our older cars. Good prices and fast freight.

US based BBers often also look to:
Alfa parts exchange (second hand parts when new unavailable)

The parts wanted/for sale thread on this AlfaBB site is another fallback.

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as you have the 'one or two year only' monofarfalla spica set up, the hoses are not going to be so easy to find from the usual suppliers, certainly #3 will be unique to that set up.
You might find something to fit (see link below) or try alfa parts exchange for a used one.

the booster vacuum hose from other spiders should fit....check length of yours against the available item:

coupler #1 might be the same as the coupler for other spiders, listed here (again depends on ID of the hose on your car) Plenums and Hoses

coupler #2 will be unique to monofarfalla, but you should be able to come up with a solution.

that is a very smart and clean engine bay btw...:)
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