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FYI on Spare Fuses

Refer to Fuse Box wiring page 258-261 in wiring manual

Spare fuse F20 30A can be ONLY used as a HOT AT ALL TIMES power source and lower amp fuse can be used in F20 socket if device being protected needs a lower amp fuse to be safe. F20 30A fuse is in second row from bottom left hand corner position and no icon above it.

Look at front of fuse box and find the E4 5-pin socket G221 in top row of relays. It has a metal L-shaped jumper for rear cigarette lighter between two sockets. One of the three remaining sockets is hot from F20 30A fuse another one is a ground socket and 5th one has no terminal in it. Test open sockets with meter set on DC volts or test lamp to see which one if hot one then pull F20 30A fuse and verify that socket goes dead. Now use a female spade connector on your device's power wire in that hot socket and correct amp rated fuse in F20 for device you are wiring into car.

If you want a hot only with key in RUN and don't need rear cigarette lighter or want to plug into lighter element or wires going to it in rear of console 10A fuse F13 is the fuse for it. You can also pull the L-shaped jumper in G221 and test which of two sockets it was plugged into is hot with key on and plug in your devices power wire right there. F13 is right hand corner fuse in third row of fuses from bottom and has a cigarette icon above it

Now F24 25A spare fuse is hot in run but output connection for it is a male terminal is in 12-pin connector E pin 2 position on back of fuse box. F24 is in third row from bottom in 3rd position from left and has icon of seat above it so may not really be a spare. Caveat - F23 fuse just above it in top row with sun roof icon is also for seat heater and as for the seat movement fuse it is Free Fuse G240 in center console above radio so F24 must really be a spare fuse.
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