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Short video of removing the cylinder head studs in a 1600 block. I got all but 2 out without breaking off. I tilted the block and let penetrant sit around the studs overnight. Then used a held held propane torch to heat the outside of the block were the stud threads would be located. I heated it until the metal around the stud inside the block was to hot to touch. This also let the penetrant seep down the threads. Got 2 out with a 1/2 inch impact. Then I had to borrow a 1 inch impact gun from the local big tire shop. That took the rest of them out. 2 studs broke off. They were the 2 that had almost no corrosion damage at the bottom of the stud. Go figure. Some of the ones that came out had about a 1/4 of the diameter eaten away.

The block is now at a EDM place to remove the broken off studs. They did break off flush with the block.

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