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How tight should shock/damper nuts be?

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I currently have my Alfetta GT up high on stands, and am searching for ways to quiet the front suspension from banging. Nothing untoward stands out.

My thinking is if the nuts are too tight, the rubber donuts won't give when hitting bumps. But too loose, then the shaft can move around a bit, possibly also causing some banging.

How does one know when they've hit the sweet spot?

Actually for the front shocks the nuts can be adjusted from the engine bay. However, I'll probably revist the rear shocks also - hopefully today yet.

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It may vary but here's what Koni says- if you notice the od of the bushings is smaller than that of the washers. What they say is to squish the bushing down till it matches the washer when looking down the sides. And/or if you use the double nut set-up there should be just enough threads with none showing with the second nut seated. Fred.
Old rule for alfas - tighten to the level that you'd expect an average 15 year old girl would be able to achieve with the correct tool. The rubber bush should be quite well compressed - any movement should be imperceptable to the eye (it is really only there to isolate for high frequency vibrations, not any significant movements that could lead to a clunking noise).
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