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how much for used widened alfa 105 15 inch steel rims

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Hi All,

Ive found a set of widened original 15 inch steel rims for my 1966 105 stepnose. Ive always been a big fan of the look. I dont know if these were wide from the manufacturer or widened afterwards.

I dont know what they are worth though and the owner doesnt either. They are in very average condition and would need a fair bit of work to get back to a presentable state.

Do you think they should be tested for cracks as Ive heard that the widened steel rims could crack and were an big no no for track work. Should I be concerned about using them for normal street cruising. To get them tested will cost around $150 per rim which is a fair bit I reckon.

What do you think they are worth with all things considered?


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