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How much do you think it is worth?

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First of all, sorry for the quality of the pictures. This leather wrapped Hellebore (I am not sure if it is for GTAm, TZ2 etc... or for some non-Alfa mounted on the Alfa hub) is up for sale at 100,000JPY, which is about 900USD. It is described as well used, and the seller mentions that a couple of the mounting holes on the hub do not match with the ones on the wheel (which sounds weird). Do you think it is worth this much money, or should I wait for a better piece to come around?

Thank you in advance,


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It's a period Hellebore but not standard to any Alfa.

The Horn button incidentally looks to be MOMO but I could be wrong.

The Hellebore one doesnt have the wreath around the Cross and Serpent in my experience.
The GTA wheels have seven bolt holes into the boss, two on each spoke and one at the top.
Used a two liter wheel center for horn button

Look at the wheel. The standard european steering wheel uses six bolts to fit onto the hub. This one was originally four and a couple extra holes put in that do not fit. So, it is probably an american wheel of older version. There are better workable Alfa wheels available on E-bay for less. And, yes, I believe someone was very creative using the distinctive two liter wheel center to put on the horn button. Good job. Lots of money and not really worth it.

Steering wheels like this one (wood like GTA or leather) were sold for Fiat 124's with the different bolt pattern. Could still be a genuine Hellebore just not Alfa.

Thank you all for the comments. The price is coming down really fast, it's still for sale but at 70,000JPY (651USD or so). Based on the info given here, I would buy it if the seller ever decides to reduce the price down to 300USD or so:eek::p. At least it seems to have the original Hellebore hub...

Thank you again,
you could buy a perfect NEW copy at Classic Alfa Romeo cars .......
Disagree on that one. There seem to be two types of fastening. One with 7 countersunk slotted panhead bolts and a ring, the other one with 6 Allen head bolts without the ring.

Even on originally fitted wheels, apart from the type of fastening, there is a fair bit of variation: like two different diameters (reproduction wheels are the larger diameter), as well as 3 and 4-hole spokes.

The GTA wheels have seven bolt holes into the boss, two on each spoke and one at the top.
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