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I have an alfa 2600 , engine is very similar to the 105 series except you get 6 cylinders.

I have lived with a starting problem for a year now . The car has got harder and harder to start . Finally it needed to be cranked for 2 -3 minutes on a certain throttle openning until it would start on one or two cylinders . If left to wease over for 5 minutes it could then be reved onto all 6 cylinders after this when warm it runs fine and starts fine.

Now after Christmas it won't start atall

I assumed a simple points closing or similar problem - but despite all efforts it still will not start.

I have resorted to compression testing

I fitted a fully rebuilt head a year ago , so the problem may be rings - I know there worn and this is a common problem on 2600's

The results are not good - around 100psi on each cylinder rasing to 150psi if I add oil to the cylinders - is this too low to start or do i have another problem?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts