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Hey Alfa Gurus -

Nothing is uglier than a nasty old windshield washer bottle. Mine was filthy, stained and a serious eyesore, so I decided to give mine a deep cleaning and bring it back to life.
To get it clean I did the following:
-Clorox cleaning Bleach Gel. This stuff is amazing, we use it in our bathroom and it keeps the grout in the tile super white.
-Dremel with a mild abrasive brush

Pour some Clorox Bleach Gel into the bottle and slosh it around until all of the bottle is covered inside. Let it sit for 20 minutes. This step will get the inside of the bottle nice and clean. Wash it out thoroughly with water.
Using a paint brush, slather the gel all over the exterior and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then rinse with water.
Finally, using wd-40 spray the whole bottle and use a Dremel with a mild abrasive brush and go over the entire bottle to remove stubborn stains and dirt.
Give it a final rinse with soap and water and enjoy a super clean bottle.

Here are the before and after pics:




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That looks great!

To clean cruddy plastic reservoirs I put some crushed ice & dish soap into them and agitate it. (meaning I shake it, not insult it...) The sharp edges of the crushed ice help to scour away the crud. Then rinsing with hot water gets rid of the ice & soap & crud.

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both options are great, innovating ideas! Thanks to you both.
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