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How hard (costly) are these flaws to repair?

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early 70's GTV....with some "flaws". 130K + miles. Track and Street.

Windshield crack
Bubbles near windshield chrome
Front skirt
Driver side rocker
Front fender crack
Trunk crack




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photos continued

photos cont'd. Windshield delaminating a bit, too.


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If that's what is visible, I would expect a lot more is lurking under the surface. This is not insignificant. I would budget a few thousand at least, plus paint.

Are you looking to buy this GTV? If so, what do you want to do with it (track car, as is daily driver, full resto)? Bshorey's advice is spot on so far.
Yep those windscreen pillars are fncked ... have a look at my restoration thread to see how hard that is to repair.

Plus the fact that the windscreen has cracked makes me concerned the structural rigidity of the car is suffering and thus you need to do pillars (top and bottom), rockers and the related chassis members as well.

If purchasing this car is rusty, I'd talk to Akitaman (Daron) and get a quote before buying.
Usually when you get down to the metal around the windscreen and pillar, there's a lot more cancer underneath there. A lot of hand metal-work to fix that . . . .$$$$. With all the other rust, I'd say if you got out of the bodyshop with less than $4-5k for the rust repair and paint, you'd be lucky. But you just don't know until you can see what's under that paint. I'd recommend that you take it to a body shop that's familiar with GTVs and get a professional opinion.

Since you can't do the bodywork and paint yourself, I'd recommend you look for an already restored example that's had the body gone over front to back, so you KNOW what you're getting. Cheaper in the long run and less worries and uncertainty.
To me, this looks like after repair the car is less worth than buying a done one.

With rust like that, there is for sure more and that then equals complete strip, rust repair and complete repaint. You don't know what you got unless you strip it. Add all the labor, parts, trim pieces, rubber, then you need to look at a likely tired engine and mechanicals ...

The $4 - $5k estimate given above is VERY optimistic. Where I live, using the usual suspects, I would likely multiply this amount by 4, 5, even 6 for the body and paint alone if I have to outsource everything.
Thanks Guys.

Addition of that kinda coin makes this a no-go for me. Will look for one all done and not so needy.
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