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How does one get clips off the back side of the emblems?

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I'm going to be painting my Spider this winter and have figured out how most of the chrome and parts come off, but can't figure how how to safely get the "Graduate" and "Pininfarina" emblems off. I know to use fishing line to cut through the doubled sided tape, but what about the clips on the posts that go through the body. Do you get to the back sides from the fender wells?
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I don't have a '90 Grad, but typically when the spoiler is off, any clips that are holding an emblem onto the spoiler are exposed from the back. You can take a screwdriver to pry off the retaining clips, and remove the emblem without damaging it. However, you have to be patient (I know you are) since they can break...

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Todd - I'll be doing the same this Winter. How much of a PITA is it to remove the exterior door handles? I am going to buy new ones to replace the existing ones as they are pitted. Considering havingthem re-finished like I am to the Carello headlight trim rings. I purchased new Stainless steel ones from IAP but am not happy with their fit or quality at all.


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