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Hi everyone
I have a question about the install of my IAP oil filter relocator. I plan to install it this weekend and noticed there were no instructions for it I don't have much mechanical experience so I thought I would seek out an explanation from the BB.
Could someone give me a quick rundown of the procedure? I have a 1969GTV with spica FI. I was wondering also is there an ideal location for placement I was thinking of putting it on the driver side with the brake boosters. There are two openings running into the top of the unit where are you supposed to run the hose to on the engine? Any help would be appreciated

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I'd be very very careful while installing it. I bought one along time back from JC whitney (exact same thing as in the IAP catalog) and was totally dissapointed in the system. First of all be very careful about the tubing they give, their connections are barbs with hoseclamps(not a really good system in my opinion), you want to be very very sure that there is no oil leaking from the barbs/hoseclamp, insert area, for all operating pressures and temperatures. I ended up using hydraulic racing fittings and braided steel tube, (the blue/red ones like you may have seen on peoples racecars).
So that's warning #1- be really careful about the fittings & tubing, make sure there aren't any leaks, and the system works throughout the operating pressure and temperature range.

warning #2- the filter adapter I recieved had a casting flaw in it. it leaked oil no matter what. after you get your system installed be sure these areas don't leak either.

Warning #3- I beleive some filters have a check valve in them and wont allow any backflow through them, either that or they have something in them that seriously restricts backflow. in any case, for this reason it is EXTREMELY important to be sure that the plumbing is routed properly. if you accidentally reverse the flow of oil to your filter, very little will flow through it and back into your motor.

Because of the casting flaws and because of the barb & hoseclamp plumbing, i ended up not using the system at all. but instead I upgraded to race fittings and race adapters. most of which are available from race suppliers like summit or do a proper installation of the steel braided lines you'll need someone to cut the hose and fit the ends for you.

I hope you have more luck than I did with this product, my advice is to be very wary of the system. make CERTAIN it doesn't leak, and works well. be really watchful after installation when you fire it up. and check it often afterwards.

Sorry for the poor review, good luck!
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