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It was very well hidden ...

... as I could NOT find this site after searching and searching for an Alfa Romeo message board. I did find one other but all they talked about was moderns ... and it did not see much action (and has since died).

Thus I only found this site via the site, so I suggest that there are many Alfa Romeo owners out there who still have not found this site.

What can be done about that? ... no idea myself, but posting on the FerrariChat was a great idea :), as that site is very popular.

I do know that there is an Alfa Romeo webring but I do not like that format as you have to go through a lot of 'uninteresting sites' before you stumble on to a decent one.

Thus my only suggestion is that we post about this site on other popular Italian automotive sites :) ... a bit cheeky :p , though.

1 - 1 of 151 Posts
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