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Hi folks

A little noisy problem if you will...I was driving on the 101 and my horn sprang into action and refused to go off until I pulled the green horn wire at the relay. Man, those things are loud. I switched out the old horns and the relay and still have the same problem. Any thoughts?

I'm thinking there's a short in the actual horn switch. If this seems like a wise inference, how do I get to it? Pop off the center button somehow?

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Before you go tearing things apart, disconnect the two wires that come out by the steering box. One is the light blinker switch, (black ring) the other the horn. If the horn wire is shorted to GROUND, the horn will... well beep. You can check the condition of the horn button and wire with an ohmmeter. If it still sounds with the wire disconnected, your short to ground is between there and the relay. Disconnect the horn wire at the relay. Should be QUIET. Also will indicate the short to ground is between the steering box and relay.
Only once did this happen to me on re assembly of a restored car. I had pulled the horn button wire out of the horn button switch asccidently, when I "adjusted" the position of the wires at the steering box to run them under the hold down clip. The loose horn wire at the top of the column shorted to the column. Hope this helps. Gordon Raymond
so I've finally gotten back to the horn issue and have determined that the short is with the red wire and is somewhere between the horn button and the steering box.

how do I get at the wire? do I have to remove the steering wheel? or just the horn button? if I must remove the steering wheel, I take it you need a really low profile allen wrench to clear the space by the turn signal switch. if it's the horn button, how is the lock-ring removed?

Light flasher and horn button removal.

The horn and light flasher switch come out as an assembly. It is not necessary to remove the steering wheel or turn indicator assembly. EXTREME CAUTION:eek: needs to be used here. The black, light flashing ring is expensive and easily broken. I use the wood wedge technique. Three clothespins, the kind with the spring, are disassembled giving you 6 correctly shaped wedges. Battery disconnected, tip the black ring enough to wedge one tapered wedge between it and the edge of the wheel. continue around the black ring until you have 4 or more evenly spaced around the ring. By pushing these in and using them all to pry at the same time, the light flasher and horn button will pop out without breaking or marking anything. The red and black wires will be attached to the bottom side of this assembly. Re assembly consists of popping the unit back in with an even, firm push with the palm of your hand. (Then reassemble and return your wife's clothespins:p.) :D Gordon Raymond
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Do you need to remove the horn ring assembly to just remove the horn button? Do you need to remove the horn button assembly, i.e. the circular plastic cover to remover the horn ring, or does it all come off at once?
From what I remember, it all comes off in a single unit, but the internals are pretty simple if you need to access the horn or the flasher unit individually.

I believe horn the 101 horn button is similar to the 102/106 horn button. If so, a picture and instruction for removing the 102/106 button assembly can be found in this thread.
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