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I'm about ready to try and smog an '84 GTV6 that hasn't run in 10 years. I've been driving it the past 2 weeks. I'm prepping for what I may need to buy:

1. I heard from Intl Auto that nobody sells PCV valves, not even Alfa Romeo. What have people done to replace these?

Also, are there any CA smog experts out there? I have priced out a new O2 sensor, spark plugs, and spark plug wires. I may need a new catalytic converter too.

I read about some stuff that sounds like snake oil, called blue sky, but maybe it is legitimate?

Thanks in advance,

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Hey Sal,

I just smogged 2 different 2.5 v6s. an 84 and an 87.
If you don't have any vacuum leaks and the cat is still
good, a good tuneup and correct idle setting should
do it. My mech hooked a wideband 02 to the tailpipe
and did test runs to see the AFR. when the AFR was adjusted
to w/in the normal range of the Bosch system they passed w ease
and ran better. You may be looking at a new cat. I put the
magnaflow universal Hi performance on the GTV6 and also on
the Milano.

The Ljet runs really clean and lean if it isn't fighting air leaks.
Read the LJEt bible on Greg Gordons site and start there.


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