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Alfa Museum Closing - Revised Instructions

- Using Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari work but you don't see the places to click, as noted below:

- Go to the website (you may have to click a "Home Page" link)

- At the bottom of the grey page you will see: Pubblicato da Arese73 a venerdì, gennaio 14, 2011 132 commenti

- Click on the word "COMMENTI" if you don't see that word, move your cursor around in the grey area until it turns into a finger pointer and click there, then use your browser scroll bar and scroll ALL the way to the bottom
You will see a white space to write your comments in

- After inserting your comment, click on "POSTA COMMENTO"


- From the drop down menu select " Nome/URL "

- Write in your NAME only, but NO URL. Click Continua, next screen . . .

-Click on "ANTEPRIMA" and insert the security code exactly as you see it,

- Again click on "POSTA COMMENTO"

- You will be returned to the home page with an English message at the bottom that says your comment has been published.

- Scroll down to the end of all comments where you need to click on "NUOVI". Or, if you don't see that word to click on, move your cursor to the right of the words "ISCRIVITI A:" below the grey area. Your cursor should turn into a finger pointer again, click when it does. This will take you to the page of comments (there are 200 per page). This is the only way to see that your comment has indeed been posted and you can read the comments of others.
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