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Hi there,

I found this "new" Alfa Romeo World Champion 1975 Badge in and amongst some paperwork in a junkyard 78 alfetta Sedan the other day and was wondering if anyone can share the background on them.

Anyone have any idea when these were distributed and how many exist? What is the back story on them?

They are a really cool item in my eyes, but I know nothing about them. Any Alfisiti out there know their story?


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1925: The Alfa Romeo P2 won the inaugural Automobile World Championship in 1925, taking victory in two of the four championship rounds when Antonio Ascari drove it in the European Grand Prix at Spa and Gastone Brilli-Peri won the Italian Grand Prix at Monza after Ascari died while leading the intervening race at Montlhery.

1950 and 51: F1 World Champions with the 158/9

1975: 1975 World Championship for Makes was won by the 33TT12

Rambling on; the 1925 reference above proves my point that many people get over excited about "F1" and how it started in 1950. All that happened in 1950 is that they decided to give the world championship a different name and rules, so IMO searching for "first world championship grand prix" should NOT be answered with 1950 but 1925 said:
As early as October 1923, the idea of an automobile championship was discussed at the annual autumn conference of the AIACR (Association Internationale des Automobile Clubs Reconnus) in Paris. However, discussion centered on the increased interest in racing by manufacturers and holding the first European Grand Prix at Monza in 1923. The first World Championship took place in 1925, but it was for manufacturers only, consisting of four races of at least 800 km (497 mi) in length. The races that formed the first Constructors' Championship were the Indianapolis 500, the European Grand Prix, and the French and Italian Grands Prix. A European Championship, consisting of the major Grand Prix in a number of countries (named Grandes Épreuves) was instituted for drivers in 1931, and was competed every year until the outbreak of World War II in 1939 with the exception of 1933 and 1934.
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