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I've seen vintage and classic cars with them and wanted to know if there is a advantage to having one? Can they ease up youre chance of getting pulled over, speeding, loud exhausts etc etc? I think having one might slim up your chances with the police. Anyone have info on these plates? What reasons do you have to give the DMV for them to issue you one?

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I have no idea about CA, but I have WI "Collector" plates on my GTV. The only criteria were that the vehicle must be 20 years old and cannot be driven in the month of January without applying for a (free) waiver.

The advantage is that the plates are a one-time fee of $140 with no renewals, EVER.

That's a deal.

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collector plates!

140 bucks and you dont need to register youre car every again? I need to find out if we have this in Cailfornia. But I don't think we do. I'll check.

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I believe I stumbled across your answer Sniady. I'd love to have my black CA plates restored some day. While checking out "The Old License Farm" at I found a link to the following site, .

While they'll cost you more, maybe Officer Bill would be more lenient with you. Better start shopping around for a Giulietta though.

And I quote:

5004.1. (a) An owner of any vehicle that is a 1962 or older model
year vehicle may, after the requirements for the registration of the
vehicle have been complied with and with the approval of the
department, utilize license plates of this state with the date of
year corresponding to the model year date when the vehicle was
manufactured, if the model year date license plate is legible and
serviceable, as determined by the department, in lieu of the license
plates otherwise required by this code. The department may consult
with an organization of old car hobbyists in determining whether the
date of year of the license plate to be used corresponds to the model
year date when the vehicle was manufactured.
(b) A fee of thirty-five dollars ($35) shall be charged for the
application for use of the special plates.
(c) In addition to the regular renewal fee for the vehicle for
which the plates are authorized, the applicant for a renewal of the
plates shall be charged an additional fee of ten dollars ($10). When
payment of a regular vehicle renewal fee is not required by this
code, the holder of any license plates with a date corresponding to
the model year may retain the plates upon payment of an annual fee of
twenty dollars ($20), which shall be due at the expiration of the
registration year of the vehicle to which the plate was last assigned
under this section.
(d) Whenever any person who has been authorized to utilize the
special license plates applies to the department for transfer of the
plates to another vehicle, a transfer fee of twelve dollars ($12)
shall be charged in addition to all other appropriate fees.
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