One of the rarest Alfa Romeo, S.p.A. dash plaques is now being offered from my personal collection. Originally designed and created in Florence along with the actual full-sized production design materials of the 1976 Mille Miglia Special Edition version of the Alfetta GT, the parts were shipped to the various Alfa Romeo, Inc. ports around the country and the 'kit' was assembled on black, red and white production cars. This cloisonné plaque was mine to keep for the past approximately 50 years and I proudly mounted it on the dashboards of the various Alfa Romeo automobiles I've owned. There never was a part number for it. I am starting to disband my collection of Alfa memorabilia and this one, sadly should be owned by a new Alfista. Shipping is additional based on your desires and PayPal is accepted subject to a verified PayPal address. Thanks for reading!