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Highway Earth is at it again!! Our next "Learn to Shoot Cars" class is Sunday Oct 19th, from 9am-4pm, We'll be shooting
with strobes, Car to Car action, Details, and a full body Rig Shot, Class is limited to 10 Students- 10 Cars

Here's the group so far: 1966 Hemi Coronet, 2013 Corvette, 2001 Ferrari Maranello, 2006 ZO6, 1990 Consulier GTP, 2012 Carrera GTS B59, 1975 Porsche 911, 1981 Ferrari GTB, RUF Carrera

Only got one space left, Who's it going to be??n sign up now at | Design of Movement | Highway Earth is a global magazine dedicated to the Design of Movement

Questions?, let us know, give Evan a call at 1-310-926-7897


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