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I am from the 102 forum and I made a complete set of labels for my car because they were were either unavailable to purchase or what could be purchased were cheap and of poor quality - with the exceptoin of Bills labels but he does not have a full set for the 102 or 106 models.

Anyway, there was a great response for these labels and I went on to make labels for other early model Alfa series cars. I have invested in a special printer which can print white, metalic and even foil colors.

My daughter started selling these older model Alfa labels on Ebay and I was wondering if there is any interest in this forum for her to make labels for these cars?

There is no cost charged to make the labels - only a few promised orders and she sells the labels for a fair price - usually around 4 to 5 USD for the decal shown here and at most 8 USD for a large label like the 102 oil filter label.

We can make decals, vinyl stickers, metal foil stickers and even some metal tags.

Here is one of the decals we recently made. First we print white and then yellow over the white on high quality clear deal paper. I show the same decal on a black and grey background.



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