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At the last oil change on my wife's 1987 Milano Verde, I decided to send a sample to Blackstone Laboratories.

The car turned 259,677 miles at the time of the oil change. Some specs on the car:
  • stock, unmodified 3.0V6 engine internals
  • unrebuilt
  • same head gaskets since new(!)
  • t-belts changed every 30k/3yrs whichever comes first
  • hydraulic t-belt detensioner with oil hole plugged
  • 10W-40 Kendall (mineral, not synthetic) oil every 5,000 miles
  • Fram (gasp!) oil filter
  • no top-ups required between oil changes
  • only 91octane or higher (e.g. race gas) used throughout its life

See report below.


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