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Hi Everyone - Im new around here.....

Actually Ive had my S2 Spider Junior for 4 years now and have been more active on the UK or even occasionally the German

Im from Melbourne, Australia, but bought my LHD Spider while living in London. The car was first delivered in Germany, so I actually repatriated it when moving to Berlin. I found the TUV inspection requirements here much tougher than the MoT in England and ended up spending almost 10K USD getting the sills replaced, and all the panels below knee level replaced in order to get it on the road here.

Since then Ive sorted out most of the classic issues: heater fan, gearbox, door locks, carb mounts, springs and dampers etc etc. Next is a new engine as my head gasket is dead and the oil full of coolant. I do most mechanical work myself although the welding and panel work was done by my local specialist in Berlin.

Long trips have included to Croatia and to my wedding in Tuscany, although coming home over the Stelvio Pass wasnt especially successful - high altitude and a tired engine meant I was back to first gear by the top. Will need to have another go of that.

So I look forward to contributing here, connecting with like minded people who do their own mechanics and like to drive hard in the mountains and on tracks. Im also hoping for some tips with my forthcoming engine build!

all the best, andrew
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