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Hey Gordon...

1623 Views 11 Replies 5 Participants Last post by  bjwhite the photos section, you posted a group of probably 7 or 8 Alfetta GTs taken sometime in 2003.

Who were those people and are they still around in this area? I wonder how many running Alfetta GTs we can assemble for a NEW photo op!
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Post some details! What do you have? My buddy Rob (vintagerob on here) has a beautiful blue 76 with European bumpers, black interior and silver Daytonas. I actually have two, a 76 same blue with gold Daytonas and a 79 black with 15x7 Ronals. (the black one runs..the blue one CAN run with some SPICA tuning.)

We know of "the Spokane car" purchased by 911 Pete in's getting worked on but runs and drives IIRC. Then we have the beautiful silver car owned by Jeff in Woodinville.

I also know the guy who runs that vintage British motorcycle shop in Woodinville who has a restored red car (78 or 79 IIRC)....

.....wonder how many more we can get.
Brian -
That photo was taken in February '02 at a track day - actually I think it might have been a school - at Bremerton Raceway. From left to right - can't think of the name of the person on the left - no longer active in the NWARC; John Case, who lives in Wenatchee; Thomas Moll (with son Vincent), who runs a Merkur at PR now; unidentified; Zach Cox who was killed by a drunk driver :( on the Chinook Pass about three years ago now (my Zagato is named for him); Tino Perrina, Gen'l Mgr at Ferrari/Maserati of Seattle; and I don't recall the person on the right.

Wow, you really made me reach into the memory bank on that one.
Then we have the beautiful silver car owned by Jeff in Woodinville.
Yea, that's me Brian.



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Yep need to get this. Silver european with tan seats just like yours!

1/24 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT 1.8 (1974) diecast - eBay (item 180627428221 end time Mar-19-11 04:30:04 PDT)

Gordy, thanks for the response. Sorry to hear the story about Zach. I remember seeing the sticker on your car and drive 410 often as we have a cabin near Crystal.

I'm curious to gather everyone's Alfetta GT information in Western Washington. So this is an interesting picture. Was one of the people you can't remember...was it Mike Rippie?
FYI, here is the picture to which we are referring....

Gordy, whatever happened to Zach's black Alfetta then? Do you know where it ended up?
Brian -
My first response should have been "nobody calls me Gordon anymore, not since my Mom left this world." 8^)
I'm going to dig into the archives of the track participants, but that name does not sound familiar.
Zach was going to turn his car into a 'track slut' and then got side-tracked when he bought his Duc. It probably went to that "Alfetta partshouse in the sky" !!!
Back atcha later, gotta get ready for a trip to warmer environs.....
Nice Picture!! Never seen that many Fetta's in 1 spot. Glad to see that there are still some around, but that was 9 years ago. I got my 3 and never seen any around that are in that good a shape. The one's I see are usually basket cases.
That's because you're in Vermont! :)

Gordy, sorry..can't change the thread title now...sorry for the Gordon thing. :)
Finally Mr 37 posts shows up! :)
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