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A couple of questions if I may,

Question 1

I am a little confused on how this cable works, should it touch down the bottom like in first picture? I attached the cable like pictured in the second picture copied it from BB Member John M.

Question 2

Third picture, i guess is what attaches the window to the cable, the large metal bracket with the bend is the window stopper, is this correct?

Question 3

Forth picture is the alignment adjuster/holder of the triangle window. In the fifth picture can you tell me which is the driver door and which is the left door? this is on a RHD car.

Question 4

The window regulator how can you tell if it left or right, i have one with wire which i have attached to the car, the other has no cable. Can some post a picture of both regulators side by side. I am assuming that the cable comes out differently from the regulator.
The one with the cable fits perfectly, but i still need to replace it as it is damaged, i will measure it and post it on the bb for future reference.

Question 5

What car does this belong to, any one want it?

Thanks again,


74 Spider


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