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Hi All.
I am about to buy a spare engine for my 1972 GT 1300 Junior series 3.
When I went to see it, I noticed that on the cylinder head there wasn't the usual circle with dash sign but instead it writes 1.3
The engine serial number is AR00530*P3528*

What could be the case with this engine?
Any ideas?


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Kalimera Stephanos

The last of the 105 Series motors seemed to incorporate letters as well as the numbers, the designation 00530 tells you that it was a 105 Series and a 1300 motor.

Unless you are a matching numbers freak, it will be just fine as a spare engine

I had AR 00526 ASH186 in one of my cars, also a motor that apparently didn't exist, I dated the car as a '76, so it was one of the last.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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