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Help removing speedo cable..

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What's the most efficient way of removing the speedo cable at the speedo end. I can barely reach the back of the speedo from under the dash. Do I need to pull the dash apart?..or remove the speedo?
If so, how is this achieved?

Look forward to some edifying advice.

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I'm going to assume it's a GTV, you have to remove the insturment pod with the two screws on each end then two pigtail connectors, a ground, and throttle light wire. The most important thing is when you put it back together pull the pod back flush with the cables in the engine compartment. To many of the ears the screws go through have been broken off because they were used to cinch the pod back flush. The plastic can't handle it and they break off.
Given Wazza's user name, I'll go with a Mk1 GTV (aka Series 1 1750 GTV in other parts of the world).

1) disconnect the battery
2) remove 2 screws securing the fusebox and lower the box out of the way to;
3) reach through the opening where the fusebox was to the back of the gauge
4) unscrew the speedo cable
pretty good assumption:)
Hi Papajam,

Good assumption and correct. However, FYI the fuse box on a RHD is on the wrong side of the steering column to reach the speedo.

The good news is that having assumed an unnatural position with my head on the pedals and my feet against the roof, I was able to remove the offending cable and replace the new one. All I need to do now is get the car started so that I can test it.

So...I'm taking this thread into new territory...the module on my Marelli electronic ignition has failed, I've ordered a new one which should turn up soon. However in my haste to take everything apart I didn't pay much attention. Now I can't remember whether the condensor goes to the - or + on the coil. :confused:

Finally replaced the speedo cable, but alas the speedo she is still no good. :(
Starts wavering erratically after about 30 mph.

Any more ideas?

If I need to remove the speedo - does anyone have this documented?

did you lubricated the inside of the cable before installing?? if not there is you wavy speedo, if yes the problem should be inside the gauge.
Aren't new cables already lubricated with graphite?
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