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Hi there all.
I'm really hoping someone can help me:) I had to remove the fuel sender from the gas tank of my 1980 Series 2 Alfa, with SPICA, and have lost the diagram I made showing which coloured wires went to which terminals (There are 4 wires including purple and purple/black). (I didn't have digital camera with me at the time unfortunately) I now need to put it back to gether and I'm worried I might get it wrong. I don't even have it with me and I'm having to do this so I can tell someone else how to reconnect it!
I'm really hoping someone here might be kind enough to lift the trunk carpet and send me a digital pic of the connections (hoping that alfa used the same coloured wires somewhat consistently during the year...)
Help would be enormously appreciated! Thanks loads in advance to anyone who can spare a moment to help or give advice
Cheers, Roland,
[email protected] if you can send a pic directly!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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