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Help! -- Need Lockset

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Seems my ignition/key gave up the ghost. Car is 1995 164LS. Hope someone out there has an ignition lockset available.

Here's the facts: After going into a store, came out, put key in the ignition - It wouldn't turn. Jiggled the steering wheel, just in case, still no luck. Decided to take the key out and check it and noticed it came out very easily. In fact, can take key out now without pushing the key release button.

Tried the spare key that I hid on the car. Same thing. Flipped the steering column lever and yanked the telescopic wheel in and out hard a few times, trying to jiggle the unit. No luck.

Rolled the car downhill to better parking spot. Steering wheel locked while parking, so don't think hot-wiring will work.

Hope someone has a 94-95 lockset.

thanks, Norm
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Try the release pin on the bottom

NOrm, if you could pull the key out without pressing the switch, its likely that the release pin on the bottom is hung up. There is a small rubber plug on the bottom of the column adjacent to the ignition switch. Take the rubber plug out and you will see a little pin. That pin moves up and down -- jiggle/wiggle it etc. I think its hung up on you -- I do not think you need a new ignition switch.

There is a small solenoid that is attached to the switch that gets engaged when we press the little 'key release' button. That solenoid, and the whole 'key release" mechanism is easily removable from the ingntion switch assy. comes off with a single allen screw IIRC
Thanks, Bob. Will get a ride to the car and give it a try. Will let you know.

Hi all, I'm back and looks like I might need an ignition lockset.

I tried Goats' idea and was able to get the key to turn a few times, but now I'm back to it not turning. Either way, it's not very reliable and another lockset is in order.

We are trying one more idea here, but I thought I better let it be known that in all likelihood I'm going to need a replacement.

I hope you get the ignition lock sorted real soon.

By the way where are you located and what has been done the your Cooper S? I've been eyeing them for some time.

Also on the Lumina note, my father has a 1994 Olds Sillhuette (Same Van) and it does so many things! I used it a month ago to move my 2004 Beull XBR9 back from AZ and have moved many an item. I think outside of a Chevy Astro Van it's the best deal for a work horse vehicle.
I Can Remove the Key without Pressing the Button and My Car Starts

I don't think it is the key release mechanism, because I can remove my key without pressing the release button, and my car starts and runs without any problems. So it may be the switch itself that is bad.
Mine failed in a similar way a couple of months ago. The key would go in but not turn. I had to replace the lock set.

Check with Jason at Alfissimo:
That Mini is the BOMB - I have personally driven it and it is just an awesome little car!

Full Mini Mania kit - won its class at One Lap a few years ago! Lays down something in the order of 265 horses and yet can be driven as docile as can be daily!
Here's a cross-reference to a similar thread running right now relating to the same problem fafner1 (also Tacoma) is having:

AlfaTango1 - Mini is still for sale. Sent a PM. I agree on the minivan. Great, especially with the back seats out. I debated whether to get the engine work done and finally decided to go ahead with it. Worth it, I just like the strange-looking old "dustbuster" too much.

john.harrill - Tried Alfissimo, nothing in stock. Would have to try to source in Europe.

Meanwhile, trying to re-key a lockset that Jungle Justice has (presently no key). If that doesn't work, will still need a lockset/key, as it appears fafner1 may also need.

Norm any luck? Did you try Rons parts car??
JJ was able to help me out with the lockset. He had the ignition switch assembly, but no key. Fortunately, he had the VIN for the car it came out of. I called ARDONA and they gave me the key code. Had a new key made. Car now at Alfa of Tacoma getting the assembly R & R'd.

So, will have two keys for the car, like GM cars. I actually like that, to tell you the truth. I always liked that you could hide the door key (I use duct tape) somewhere on the outside and then hide the ignition key somewhere inside. Just makes it a little harder for thieves.

Hopefully, repair will go well. All three of my cars are now in the shop (Mini Cooper had blown shock and is being rebuilt). Now on my 14th day without my own car. Driving me and girl friend nuts.
NORM! Guess what!? Now you'll have 4 keys for the car - just found the bloody keys from that lockset!

Can you believe that...!? After all that (when I was looking the other day they were not where they were supposed to be, but I did not give up - just found them this morning!)
NORM! Guess what!? Now you'll have 4 keys for the car - just found the bloody keys from that lockset!

Can you believe that...!? After all that (when I was looking the other day they were not where they were supposed to be, but I did not give up - just found them this morning!)
LOL, hey every bit helps. Having an original will be good. I just can't imagine how you might have misplaced that key, it's not like you have any projects going on in your garage. :rolleyes:

FWIW, thought I should add some info passed on to me by Bulger Lock and Safe, a top notch company here in Seattle area. I asked them what do they use to keep lock tumblers working smoothly. They told me Tri-Flow. Said it doesn't collect dust and keeps tumblers lubricated.

After all the BS I went through lately, I'm spraying everything that doesn't move. May start on neighbor's houses today. ;)
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