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HELP: NEED DUST SEAL Driveshaft alfetta

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Hi everyone,

Found a torn seal (no I did not do it) when repairing guibos on my Alfetta.

Anyone have a spare??? or know something that fits?? no one seems to have this...

It measures on the two inner measurements about 30 and 18mm

and outside dia of 38mm, length 12mm

Ready to pay $.

PS: the driveshaft main support bearing is a very standard 6205, skf for about 9$ ebay



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According to my notes, *** or SKF #6205 ( or is for all 116 series cars except for the 2000 Saloon, for some reason that I've yet to fathom. I have a few NOS if anyone's interested. Sorry, I can't recall seeing that particular seal in my stash, although that's not to say that there aren't a few lurking ... :eek:
Thanks for looking, Alex.

I found the rest of the seal jammed way back in the grease in the other half of the driveshaft. Also, the split bearing was jammed off of the eccentric. NOT put together properly...another PITA from PO's and their mechanics.....

I may be able to make a seal by using part of the shifter rod dust has same inner diameter......

still, if anyone has a spare or two(I have to rebuild another driveshft as well)............
Have you located the seal yet?

I made one out of the small end of the trans shift rod boot cut off and polyurethaned to the remainder of the original. not really what I want to install, however....

Cheers, Fred
Have you already installed the driveshaft?
That is, is it no longer an immediate need?
These are running pretty scarce but might of been able to scratch one up for you.
No , I did not install shaft. I am hoping to find one rather than use my makeshift part. If you do find a spare in good shape, let me know.

Thanks for looking.
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