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I can't get my signal lights to come on when I switch the lever
They will come on when the headlight switch is turned but no blinking

What I did:
1.Took the steering wheel and combo switch off
2.Took the signal light switch apart
3.I repaired my broken signal light switch lever.
4.Took notes.
5.Put the Combo switch on the column.


What works:
1.Headlights dim and bright
2.Parking lights
3.Warning lights
5.Flasher worked fine before repair of switch lever
6. #5 fuse is good

What doesn't work
1.No signal lights at all when parking lights and headlights are off when I click the switch up or down.
2.When the Parking lights/headlight switch is turned on the Signal lights come on (down switch = left signal lights come on but no blinking, up switch = right signal lights come on but no blinking.

Please look at the attached photos to see if I connected the 3 single wires (Black, Yellow, and Red) from the left side of the combo switch.

What am I missing? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Sounds like the black wire is on the wrong terminal.

Look for the white/black wire coming from the back of the turn signal flasher to where it connects to a spade connector on the fusebox. This fusebox spade connector should be labeled with the letter E. Right next to this spade connector should be a 2nd spade connector that is also labeled with the letter E. It is this 2nd connector onto which the black wire should go.
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