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I am a complete novice when it comes to anything on wheels pre 1969, but this summer I went to a couple of vintage hillclimbs and got completely sucked into the world of vintage motor cars.

Here are three vehicles I snapped at Prescott in August that I am trying to identify for use on my blog linked here which I started a month ago. At the time I had not twigged these vehicles were supplied as a rolling chassis and so appear very different to one another.

First I am pretty sure is a 6C it was parked with several others as part of the 100 th Alfa Anniversary, there was a call to help give someone a push start before I got a chance to snap the information board that was helpfully displayed alongside.

Second up this 6C ? featured a Touring of Milan badge above one of the running boards.

Finally IIRC I counted eight pipes coming off two manifolds between the louvres in the bonnet on this magnificent Alfa so could this be an 8C ?

The licence plate was HY 5053.

The silver stripe on the bodywork is reminiscent of that I have seen on this 6C, would that be a Touring trade mark of the time ?

Thanking you on anticipation of your responses.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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