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its difficult to say just looking left to right, as I have seen the relays in all sorts of positions, on US and EU s4!

some questions first, to answer:
Do you have a running/starting problem?
if so, what exactly? Cranks but doesn't start?
Has the car run in your possession?
Have you swopped relays trying to diagnose a fault?

There is one relay with 15A (one of the silver SIPEA 0440 relays in your photo) and one relay with 10A (the other silver 0440 relay). In other words two of the relay sockets should have a fuse, or at least a holder for the blade fuse!

Then another 0440 (or similar) without a fuse and finally the most important, the BOSCH "diode" relay with red stripe (Bosch: 0 332 014 112) which I cant spot in your set up.

something is not right in your set up there.

correct relays, identified as to what they are for, are (ignore the L-R order, as I say it can differ) in my photo.

failing that you will have to trace the wire colors under the sockets (pdf of that page enclosed, plus pdf of color designations)

Hope it helps...a bit!:)


1 - 2 of 2 Posts