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I had this happen in my 71 Spider some years back.... Unfortunately your turn signal relay box is shot.

This part is mounted on the underside of the steering column, its a rectangular looking black box with a few wires going into it and its screwed in.

I hate to say it but this part is made of the rare substance UNOBTAINIUM; it is no longer made by anyone new. Your best bet is to get creative and wire up a replacement using a turn signal relay from a newer alfa, or to try and get an electronics shop to rebuild your part.

They are available used and in good working condition but finding one is getting harder and harder. Being in KY as well, I would try contacting Paul (Gt601 on the BB); there is a place out near Louisville that breaks apart ONLY alfas. This isnt his place mind you but he will have the info as I have only been there once.

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