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1. Turn signals (front and rear) work but flash at a very rapid pace.
Bad/dirty grounds, a lamp is out somewhere, or you're WAY off on the wattage. (even moreso if you've used LED's instead of conventioanl bulbs)

2. Brake lights not working but tail lights do
Dou7ble check fuses, check switch at top of brake pedal arm, check bulbs, check grounds

3. Tail lights, side markers and front and rear directional lights all stay on even when no key is in and the headlights are not on. Only turns off when i disconnect the battery.
Have you tried the light switch? (no, really)

All the fuses are intact, all the bulbs are good.
Only if they were brand new a couple days ago and tested before install. Otherwise saying they're good is just so much fluff.
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