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Hi All,
My name is Kevin and a new owner of a red 1993 Spider (name pending). I formerly owned a black 1985 GTV6 that I sold when I moved from Ballard to north Bellevue. I think the GTV6 is still around the neighborhood.

It was great meeting some of you during the Jan 3rd drive organized by Fred. Maybe there will be a Dustin Hoffman Spider or a 70's GTV in my future if stars align. I look forward to meeting everyone soon and start participating in the club events.

In my non-Alfa related time, I run a program that I founded 6 years ago that helps high schools establish computer science programs with the help of engineering volunteers who work alongside with classroom teachers. You can find out more at TEALS | Computer Science in Every High School.

I currently own the spider and a 325xi wagon, my past car history in no particular-ish order:

1987 Cadillac Cimarron, a 10 year old high school hand me down car, loved the 80's digital display and V6 despite consistently rated one of the worst cars ever made. Electrical gremlins everywhere, but the mechanical running gear never failed me.
1997 BMW 318ti, first (used) car bought on my own with college summer internship money, drove it up and down the Berkeley hills with abandon.
2005 Lotus Elise, every speed bump was an nerve racking adventure.
2000 Boxster S, reliable no fuss yet fun convertible.
1986 Volvo 240DL wagon, liked to pretend I was still in Berkeley.
1999 911 C4, water cooled or not, really great car I enjoyed driving everyday and everywhere in all weather.
1999 Saab 9-3, loved that turbo gauge and torque steer!
1994 530i wagon, BMW V8 engine!
2002 911 4S, technically amazing car in every single way.
1985 GTV6, maybe one day I will have a GTV6 again.


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welcome. so why alfamale164S?? Saw no indication of 164 in your fleet. Curious to know. again welcome. ciao, jc
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