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For more than 10 years I've this steeringwheel, which I bought in Italy from a owner of a AR body repairshop. Personally I'am of the opinion it doesn't fit in my Alfa's like it should in older type of GT-Junior. Therefore I offer it here for sale.
It's a Hellebore steeringwheel with the diameter of 38cm and with the 6 mounting holes pattern. The center spoke has stamped on the back side 10 7.
There have been various discussions about the story and explanation why there are GTA's with the six and seven holes mounting pattern.

The hub not identical to the one's used in the GTA and TZ, but fits 105 serie. Via various AR parts traders nowadays a hub identical to the ones used originally in the GTA/TZ can be bought, for example via OKP in Germany, with versions suitable for old type dash (Stepnose/ GTJ) and new type GTV and Unificato dashboard.

The hub included with this Hellebore fit's old type dash. And for GTV 2000 a spacer is required to create clearance with the steering colum handles.

For those who are interested and appreciate this Hellebore steering wheel can send me their price offer.
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