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I'm in need of an oversize exhaust guide for my 91 164S. Seems like I am pretty much SOL on this front. If any one has come across one or has a source I need it bad!!

Thanks, Paul

Oh...20 thousands over.
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I thought valve guides were installed and reamed to size after measuring the valve stem. Are you talking about exhaust stem valve guide?
The guide I'm looking for is oversized where they fit into the head. The hole in the head is "wallered" out. I'm not really in to buying a new/used head for such a small/huge issue.

Thanks, Paul
a good tool maker should fix it, you will need to help him with std sizes of guide and head diameter. Try a bike tuning specialist. regards
Bring in the dogs fellas!! I have a guy here in town who is a god like machinist. He is going to make be a new guide from some "valve guide stock" he had laying around:confused:.
I dropped the head off this am at lunch and he reached up and grabbed a box that had written on it Alfa/Porsche 944 on it and pulled out an unmachined guide and said "if I don't have it done on sat I'll have it ready monday"


told ya. If you have seen the film the worlds fastest indian you know there are many like it. Im not a million miles from that, and there are thousands of us around the world.
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