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Heavy clutch question!

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Just last week i started to feel that the clutch was a little strange but i ignored it cuz i thought it was nothing.

But this morning, the clutch all of a sudden became heavy. meaning, it was hard to press it down. But it was okay again, then heavy, okay, heavy, okay. just back and forth for a while till I arrived work.

Gear shifting has no problem. just the clutch. It seems it also comes back a little slower than it should sometimes.

Does anyone have any idea what this might be? the fluid is at its max and it driving fine..
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Mine was doing that just before the pivot shaft broke. Is the clutch pedal at the same level as the brake pedal?
Could be the softline between the master and slave is starting to fail and collapse on itself.
Here's a couple of links about the clutch pedal pivot shaft:

droopy pedal?

replacing the pivot shaft
Another vote for the clutch pedal pivot shaft. Contact John Ortakales for a bulletproof replacement, so you'll only have to do this once. The part Alfa is currently shipping (and sold through the vendors we all know) is crap and will fail again. I've got John's pivot shaft in 2 of my 3 Spiders, and when the third fails I'll buy another one from John.

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yes, the clutch is indeed a bit lower than the brake pad. if it is the pivot shaft job, how many hours do you think it would be for a mechanic to do? Maybe i should contact John Ortakales for the bulletproof replacement...
i read the links, thanks. but i wonder if the clutch fluids has to something to do with the failure? meaning, does it have to be replaced more often? mine is always at its max.
yes, the clutch is indeed a bit lower than the brake pad. if it is the pivot shaft job, how many hours do you think it would be for a mechanic to do? Maybe i should contact John Ortakales for the bulletproof replacement...
I can do it in ~2 hours, some of which involves bleeding the brake and clutch hydraulic systems with a power bleeder. Just a guess, but a mechanic might make a bigger deal out of this job than it really is, so maybe 4 hours? It's really not a big deal, and if you get the shaft made by John, it's a one-time job.
If you are going to replace the shaft, it is time to also replace the fluid. If you are going to replace the fluid, replace the flexible hose. You typically cannot "see" this hose fail as its interior wall fails....but you do feel it.

Small money when you are doing all this work to the clutch....whether it is the shaft or the hose.

The typical parts houses sell the rubber version; Performatek sells a braided stainless version. Pick your poison.

depending on how far you want to go with the replacing and stuff, better figure good part of a Saturday, to be safe. Stuff happens, you know.....4-5 hrs safe, and if you do it in 3, the better! I had mine re welded on BOTH sides of original pivot shaft bracket. 3+ yrs ago, and no problem. it took a while.....
so the question is, is it safe to drive for a few days before I can make an appointment with the shop? How bad it is?
The shaft could snap at any time, at which point you're stranded. Just depends on if you're feeling lucky.
ha, thanks for the warning, i should stop pushing my luck...pushing way too much these days..i do not want to run out of it too soon.
is it what clutch pedal pivot shaft look like? do I need anything else to go with it? like the bushings? sorry for all these questions. i am so amateur...


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I also found this flexible hose under IAP website. Is there any difference between a brake flexible hose and a clutch flexible hose. cuz i cannot find a clutch flexible hose on their site..

thanks again...


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THANK YOU, Tifosi!
That's the right pivot shaft, but I'd call Centerline for a clutch hose. They're a much better vendor to deal with than IAP, and being in Colorado, you'll get the part quicker in California. John Norman, at Alfa Parts in Berkeley is also a top-notch vendor, and Vick Motorsports is fine, too. Are you reading between the lines here?
Centerline clutch hose

(I keep forgetting they recently put in the online catalog that doesn't require a whole bunch of pdf downloads just to look at)
thank you all! i will keep you guys updated! enjoy the summer weekend!
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