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OK, decided to dive into the blower motor replacement today and also replace the heater door with the broken adjustment arm. Everything was going well untill I relized the PO had been in here before and f***** everything up. Many clips, bolts retaining brackets, etc were missing. I think I can work around most of this but most puzzling, is the guy tossed out both of the heater air flow direction doors!!!???? That certainly explains why can't get any heat out of the thing.

I bought a new door from Jason, the one hooks up to the stepper motor, but the other door including the arm that hooks the two together are gone.

So, I now I need the door that is not directly attached to the stepper motor and the arm that hooks them together. Does anyone have these that they would be willing to part with?

Not sure missing door(s) would prevent you from getting heat. I would think the exact opposite would be true - too much heat if heater core hoses hooked up and core not clogged up as these doors block off heater core heat when closed.

As for parts you think you need since you say you got item 9 - 60801495 door from Jason. You say you need connecting lever 60801494 and item 8 - 60801505 other door.

Be advised for LHD models item 17 is in nearly correct position but items 8 and 9 flipped as lever for temp stepper cable on right side as are hinge point to link/hook two doors together. Both item 8 and 9 really in blower motor housing (item 2 and 10) not as shown in picture.


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