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I have a 12V, so here is what I have from my experience. Living in Houston is it hot for much longer period of the year and we almost always run with the AC on. The car under normal driving conditions regardless of out side temp runs at 200 plus or minus the width of the needle. With the hot days in Houston, if I run into normal rush hour traffic the needle moves to the 225 mark. With really bad traffic ( happens a lot in Houston ) the needle with floats between the 225 and half the distance to 250 mark ( around 238-240 ). I have noticed that when the outside temp is 90 or less, the temp does not move as much in traffic.

This makes me nervous as the GTV6/Milano's I have had in the past would be going super nova at this point. I run a lower temp fan switch with the low speed resistor bypassed during the summer months. The fan works properly, the 164 just runs at these hotter temps for emissions purposes. The 164 has never overheated or even puked coolant out at these temps. Even at these high temps the overheat has not come on.

At the AROC time trials, I noticed after 3'ish laps temp would climb to the same 238-240 mark and stay there, even after running 3 or 4 more laps.

The water pump is new, thermostat is new, low temp fan switch is new and everything works according to the book. 50/50 mix of distilled water and antifreeze with a bottle of redline water wetter.

Since we are almost finished with the heat of summer this year, I will wait till next spring to improve upon this situation - for peace of mind. I will most likely replace the radiator as it is the original one that came with the car.

Your temp experience seems very similar to mine, so I do not think you really have a problem.

Maybe Jason will have some feedback.
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