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I get the steering wheel off with the hammer and a heavy metal tap. Get nut completely off... Seat the tap with its point in the little centering hole on the steering column and indeed just hammer on it while someone else pulls. You don't need to hammer that hard, just frequent.
My old garage used an air hammer to get them off in 2 seconds, but that's a bit too rigorous for me...

Pullers can work but you need to be careful not to damage the steering wheel or bend the puller. Some don't fit/reach and it's a slow process. Last resort...

I get my headlights out in 2 minutes by just completely loosening the non-adjustment screw, and prying off the clip, you can just rotate them out then. But that's for a well maintained car. Might have to follow La Voce's advice when they don't come out easily.

Rear lenses might be silicone-glued to the car if the old rubbers had been worn out. In that case remove all 6 (or is it 5) plastic tube like screws from the boot, then pry your fingers around the lens and start pulling slowly... silicone yields to time applied pressure rather than shockwise... just keep pulling and they'll come off.
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