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as we have extra time on our hands with the covid19 I decide to try and find a problem I’ve had with my head light and running light. So first I can’t get one of my head lights to work on High beam. No big deal. I really don’t drive it much at night. But what could be the issue? I just bought new head lights as one had a crack.
Second, as you can see by the attached pictures I am dealing with one side of the car where my driving light (white one) does not work. The flasher works fine. When changing the bulbs out, it works on the flasher but not the running light. Dunno what to look for.
Last, the light on the side of the front bumpers don’t work. Is this supposed to be for when we have flashers on or when the lights are on? I have never seen them work.
So now I’ve reached a road black with these issues. Do I change out the wiring connectors?
Any help would be appreciated.
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